bruria ([personal profile] bruria) wrote in [community profile] prolifeprogressives2009-10-16 02:37 pm

No Recourse, No Safety

I want to raise awareness of an important issue and the campaigning being organised about it. 'No Recourse.

In the UK, people with insecure immigration status have no recourse to public funds. People with insecure immigration status are those in the UK on temporary visas, such as spousal visas, student visas and work visas, as well as those in the UK illegally, including those who have been trafficked. This means that they cannot claim benefits, including income support and housing benefit. This has had the unintended consequence that victims of domestic violence who need to enter a shelter, are not eligible for public funding of their accommodation in a shelter, if they have insecure immigration status. Either the shelter must take the financial hit of accommodating them or send them away to protect its own financial security.

There is going to be a mass lobby on 4th November, during which people concerned about this issue will make appointments to see their MP and raise the issue with them.

You can find out more about the campaign from the websites of organisations involved with it:
Amnesty International
Women's Aid